There’s An Animated GIF On This Bottle Of Vermouth, And It’s Awesome

Picture this: you're at the liquor store looking to stock up your new home bar. You need the essentials, so a bottle of vermouth is an absolute necessity. So do you grab the plain old bottle from the bottom of the shelf...or the bottle with an animated GIF playing on it? Yeah, that's what we thought. The geniuses behind this brilliant bottle design are the folks at Turmeon Vermouth, a family company that, while having released the world's first animated label, has a surprisingly deep history.

The family behind Turmeon has actually operated a Spanish winery since 1846 and only recently began bottling its special vermouth recipe for consumers. The wine used to make the vermouth is aged for 80 years in handbuilt barrels, so your new age bottle actually contains an old world vermouth.  
The Turmeon name is influenced by the effects of three of its ingredients: cinnamon, clove, and wormwood, which are all, according to the beliefs of the middle ages, powerful aphrodisiacs. Turmeon = Turn Me On—which sheds some light on why Pac-Man is chomping on those hearts on the label.

Head here to learn more about the vermouth behind the world's first animated label, and keep your eyes peeled for it on the shelves. 

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