Turn Any Beer Bottle Into A Bong

These damn brilliant kids have gone and revolutionized drinking...again! First, it started with powdered alcohol, then they seamlessly transitioned into smoking liquor with the Vaportini, and now they've got The Knockout—a small attachment that turns any beer bottle into a beer bong, water bong, or gravity bong.

Two questions: 1) How does it work? and 2) Nevermind, just one. Shut up and take my money!

Would it be a cop-out to blame the brilliance of this invention on science? It certainly plays a role in the genius of this thing. An airtight seal allows you to chug your beer without spilling a drop.

On the end of the stainless steel tube, there's a one-hitter—which you can use to smoke whatever you want. Fill the bottle halfway up and BOOM—water bong. 

For a gravity bong, simply light your "herbs" as you're pouring beer out of the bottle. Smoke fills the vacant space and then, naturally, your lungs. 

Highly recommend:

A) Watching the video to get a better grasp of your new Christmas present.
B) Or just buying one ASAP if you can't wait that long.

Hey, here's to feeling good all the time.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and legitimately thought he was melting the first time he got high.