You Can't Stop Staring At These Vacuum-Sealed Couples

A mysterious Japanese photographer, known simply as Photographer Hal, recently took some pictures of couples construed in intimate positions within the confines of vacuum-sealed bags for a new safe-sex campaign with Condomania. The resulting photographs are expectedly claustrophobic, visually compelling, and totally bizarre. The amount of constricted flesh is mind-blowing and reminiscent of a grocery store freezer section. Check out the photos and accompanying documentary clip to get a full idea of the process. 

Each couple can only be in the seal bag for 10 seconds before they run out of air and, uh, die. 

"Human beings aren't completed if they're just by themselves. It's when they come together, when they come really close, that they're finally completed. That's why I pack them together." — Photographer Hal

One couple goes on to explain the experience in detail. "As the air is sucked out, I start feeling his temperature, his sweat." 

The Flesh Love campaign promotes safe sex — one thing's for sure, there's definitely no room for any type of funny business in those vacuum-sealed bags. Or breathing, for that matter. 

Jeremy Glass visited Condomania during a trip to Japan when he was 16. He bought banana-flavored condoms for a friend and his dad found the receipt. You can ask him about the awful conclusion via Twitter: @CandyandPizza