The Vaporizer Hoodie Guarantees You'll Get Absolutely Nothing Done

Published On 03/17/2015 Published On 03/17/2015
VapRwear Vaporizer Hoodie

It was bound to happen. After sticking vapes in pens, pipes, and even asthma inhalers, the only logical next step was integrating the tools of #vapelife into #loungewear—because they fit together like peanut butter and weed-infused chocolate, naturally. 

Which is exactly what just happened. Meet the vapRwear hoodie, the new reason that grandparents and Fox News pundits everywhere will think all young people are eternally stoned.

The vaporizer-infused hoodie will let you indulge in your favorite waxes, e-juices, and oils (a dry herb option is coming soon), packing and inhaling it all through clandestine openings in the hoodie's drawstrings. 

The device's creator, Elvis "Papi" Edwards, saw the golden opportunity present itself after Colorado legalized recreational cannabis, wanting to "blend comfort with discreet functionality." And getting really, really toasted—apparently. 

Mission accomplished, Papi.



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