RealSticks: Vermont's Answer to the Slim Jim

Some people never really feel at ease eating meat stick products, which I like to call "vague meats." Obviously, it can be very hard to enjoy the taste of something while wanting to know — and simultaneously not wanting to know — what exactly is entering our bodies. But eating a meat stick doesn't have to feel like letting in a Trojan Horse. In addition to satisfying your inner carnivore, Vermont Smoke and Cure’s RealSticks come with that soothing, bucolic, tie-dyed (but not artificially) reputation of all-natural Vermont. 

Made using traditional meat-making methods non-reliant on MSG, dairy, or any artificial anything, these paleo-friendly sticks begin with actual beef from Maine and pork from Quebec — they even name the farms (but hopefully not the cows) on their website. Then come the spices. The secret? Actual spices like peppercorns and molasses. Rocket science, this is.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is a Vermonter and wrote this from Vermont. He is an impartial judge of these delicious meats. Here's his Twitter @ewolffmann.