This Subscription Service Pairs Vinyl With Cocktails

Vinyl Me, Please is a pretty damn innovative idea: a subscription service that sends you an essential record every month along with an accompanying cocktail recipe and an album-inspired piece of art. Other subscription services leave you to your own devices to discover their products, but Vinyl Me, Please believes in the power of vinyl as an art form and their curated package sets you up for an authentic experience. 

The beauty of the club is that you're not getting an influx of new top 40 records, but rather classic vinyl with historical significance — like Led Zeppelin IV.

Try not having an existential awakening while listening to Zeppelin in the dark with a nice buzz going. This self-proclaimed "best damn record club out there" is taking invite requests and a basic subscription is only $23 a month. Really not too bad at all — as long as you own (and know how to properly use) a record player.

Just don't let your hobby turn into an obsession, because the only thing worse than an alcoholic is an alcoholic music snob.

Jeremy Glass is the Supercompressor Vice editor and his finest record store find was a shrink-wrapped copy of Rick Astley's Whenever You Need Somebody.