WattsUp Rosé Is Your Summertime Beach Companion

We recently had the opportunity to sample a batch of WattsUp Rosé — the newest collaboration between Wine Awesomeness and English GQ photographer Ben Watts. We didn't think it was possible to capture the subliminal beachside vibes of summer so perfectly, but this 12.5% ABV rosé makes it happen. A balanced amalgamation of strawberry, watermelon, and rose water serves as a much-needed reminder that not all pink drinks have to give you the spins.

Like all good things in the world, this collaboration happened by way of the Internet. Watts posted a rosé bottle with his signature diamond logo sticker on Twitter, which caught the attention of the Wine Awesomeness crew. They met up and decided to make the photo a reality, and that's how WattsUp was born. Of course, the best possible collaboration would be between this rosé and a classic New England lobster roll on the side.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and always appreciates when an entire season can be captured in a bottle.