Sriracha + Vodka = Because Why Not?

Sriracha and vodka. Together at last. UV has taken a cue from the culinary world and combined something we love with something else we love with their UV Sriracha. It's a sweet, spicy, peppery 30% ABV liquor that smells like lunch and begs to be mixed with tomato juice and garnished with many, many slices of bacon. We've been seeing these bottle pop up all over the Internet this week, so we decided to give it a try and day-drink with a little UV Sriracha.


Red bottle. Green cap. Hey, wait a minute — this looks suspiciously similar to a bottle of Sriracha. Coincidence? No, definitely not. 


Spoiler alert: the bottle is red, the vodka is not. Call it oversensitivity, but we were bummed that this stuff wasn't the color of Sriracha. Obviously, it wouldn't have impacted the taste, but it would've at least looked cool. Oh well, that's why we have Red #40 — fun fact, that sh*t is made from crushed up dead bugs. 


While Sriracha smells like hot peppers and the sensuous promise of a delicious meal, UV Sriracha is the straight-to-video version. It, by no means does it smell bad — but it definitely smells like a toned-down version of the real thing. The Jean-Claude Van Damme of olfactory pleasure. One odd note was the strong presence of green peppers. It was like vodka had a party, invited every green pepper on earth, and made sweet love to all of them at once. 


Surprisingly sweet, definitely spicy, and easy on the palate. This stuff would be killer in a Bloody Mary or mixed in with some olive juice. That'd be the dirtiest martini ever — you could even go fully meta and garnish your glass with more Sriracha. That possibilites are figuratively endless! 


The kids want hot sauce in their booze? Put hot sauce in their booze! You can't accuse UV of not having their finger on the pulse of society. People are going all kinds of crazy for Sriracha — especially now that it might end up on the black market. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor, which sounds like he's the assistant to the main editor, but really he just likes drinking and smoking. Whoa, tough guy alert!