Wild Turkey Master's Keep Pays Tribute To The Family Business

Wild Turkey's newest summer release, Master's Keep, is a testament to the importance of sticking to the family business. This 17-year-old bottle of bourbon was devised as a side project—and debut bottle—from Eddie Russell, of Wild Turkey's father-and-son Master Distiller duo, Jimmy and Eddie Russell. The two have over 95 years of experience between them, so you know what you're getting is good. 

This 43.4 percent ABV bourbon started its journey accidentally, when Eddie Russell was faced with a surplus of booze and a lack of warehouse space, leading him to leave his bourbon to age in stone warehouses—quite different from the standard wooden warehouses at Wild Turkey. 17 years later, the result is a smokey, creamy, citrus candy-flavored bourbon with a sweet caramel finish. 

At a suggested retail price of $150, you only have a limited amount of time to get your hands on the bottle that proves following in your parent's footsteps has its perks. And, to think, my parents wanted me to be a rodeo clown. 

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