Wynkoop’s Got Some Killer Cans

Founded in 1988 as Denver’s first microbrewery, Wynkoop Brewing Company just dropped some new cans that are sure to win the hearts of Colorado residents—if they’re sober enough to notice. Mile High Pale Ale (pictured above) is the 5.5% ABV version of their popular Mile HiPA and features the Denver skyline with a map of the city in the background. Starting July 3rd, you can grab six-packs of these pride-ridden cans anywhere in the state. 

This babe-on-a-can is Patty’s Chile Beer, a 4.2% ABV golden ale that produces a warm pepper taste without the heat. A Wynkoop rep goes on to say, “The seasonal, hand-labeled cans will continue to feature quirkier art, but will still be easy to connect to the other Wynkoop beers on the shelf once they are all in the new template.” Quirky is definitely one way to put it; they’ve got a can coming out soon featuring a portrait of Kurt Vonnegut. If you’re not drinking from Vonnegut’s head, you’re doing it wrong. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and his favorite beer is whatever he wrote about just now. HINT. Seriously, send him free beer now.