Craving Authentic Dominican Food? Go to Washington Heights and Eat These Mofonguitos.

Jeremy Jacobowitz/Thrillist

Can't afford a vacation to the Dominican Republic? Don't worry -- authentic Dominican food is just a train ride away in Washington Heights. In this week's edition of The Explorers, Jeremy Jacobowitz from Brunch Boys takes a bite of Bombonada's traditional mofonguitos -- miniature versions of mofongo, or twice-fried, crunchy plantain cups seasoned with garlic, stuffed with chicken and pork, topped with salsa rosa, and finished with a generous sprinkle of freshly shredded cheddar cheese. Sure, the weather in Harlem may not be exactly tropical, but the vibrantly colored walls of this cozy, neighborhood joint -- along with the bold flavors that each of its mofonguitos contains -- is enough to have us fooled.