Inside 'Merica, the Zany NYC Burger Joint Spawned by Presidential Politics


The sleek-looking fabric covering the banquettes at ‘Merica really speaks to the whole motif of the place. It’s duct tape -- red-white-and-blue-colored duct tape -- though management humorously calls it “American leather.” If the name 'Merica didn't immediately tip you off to the kitschy theme, the rest of the decor at this subterranean East Village saloon will. That duct tape is complemented by political cartoons, old sports memorabilia, Christmas lights, and guns... lots of guns (all purportedly non-functional, thank Jesus). Much of the displayed artillery comes with accompanying floral arrangements in an apparent attempt to appease both hawk and dove diners alike. The hokey concept is the brainchild of Radouane ElJaouhari, who previously operated the restaurant Zerza in the same location, and Zach Neil, who runs the Tim Burton-inspired bar Beetle House nearby.