Gak Attack: A Recipe for Your Favorite '90s Toy

Anyone who grew up in the '90s likely spent countless hours in front of the television watching Double Dare, enthralled at the vibrant, goopy substance that ambushed the show's guests from on high at random intervals. Enter Gak: a staple of the decade and one of Nickelodeon's most beloved concoctions, having mucked up the fingers (and surrounding furniture, probably) of the kids that played with it after it came on the scene in 1992. You're all grown up now, and the golden days of Double Dare are over, but it turns out the substance is still fun to play with -- especially now that you're mature enough to fathom the science behind it! So dig through your kitchen cabinet, find that old vial of food coloring, and break out the Borax: it's time to relive your childhood, "gak attack" style.