TheFoodRanger - Spicy Meat Skewers

This week, The Food Ranger continues his journey through Chengdu, China, on a quest to try one of the region's spiciest specialties: Chuan Chuan Xiang, or long meat and vegetable skewers. Every aspect of the cooking process is spice-obsessed: before you select your skewers from the fridge, they're already glazed in a chili sauce and generously sprinkled with flakes; then they're cooked in a large vat of boiling chili broth, strained, and drenched with an even spicier chili-infused sauce before they arrive at your table, succulent and ready to destroy you with flavor. Spice enthusiasts might live vicariously through Trevor James as he tries these peppery bad boys, but ask yourself -- do you think your own mouth could survive the same trial by fire?