Vintage Olympic Tees

As the Olympics have reminded us, topical clothing is a surefire way to make everyone think you're either a bandwagoneer or someone who delights in airport gift shops. Rock some historical depth with Altru Apparel's vintage Olympic tees

Online designer Altru takes ridiculously soft combed & enzyme-treated cotton, then screen prints them with official designs from every Olympics between 1928-1992 (you lose again, Atlanta). Gold includes a midnight blue 1964 Tokyo shirt featuring the rising sun, and the same gray USA men's tennis number that John McEnroe probably wiped on Jim Courier's smug face during Barcelona '92. They've also got Carolina blue LA '84 shirt with 80s stylized graphics, and a mocha '36 "Olympilche Spiele", commemorating Hitler's Aryan fun-boy sprint squad drinking a full cooler of Jesse Owens' Haterade.

On a non-athletic tip, Altru pulls designs from New York Times headlines, the Beastie Boys, and comix legend R. Crumb, including his sixties cult favorite "Keep On Truckin" -- a shirt so adorably dated, only Dara Torres and Bob Costas can really dig it.