2009, the Year in Headlights

Drinks: As glasses were raised, the plebeian horde was mocked from above, while matchmaking got more fluid, and people became less stingy with their use of consonantss.

Food: In the dining world, cross-continental relations got heated, it took an army of 500 to kill the rabbit, and 'gurt-focused alumni of America's oldest Jesuit university kept on trucking.

Gear: When it came to girding your loins, despite carnivorous local creations threatening to nip at your fashionably exposed shins, nobody could see the panic in your eyes.

Events: The beautiful people got together to paint their spirits brown as a contraband king was honored and the vagina became an appropriate topic of conversation.

Services: Life was made easier as waiting-room Golf Digest issues went unread, education got a little hop in its step, and a strange French guy named Steuart showed up at your door.