A 'za heavyweight hits Bethesda

You know how people get all psyched about having a bun in the oven? Well, then just imagine how ecstatic they'll be when they have a much more exciting pizza in the 200-ton brick one at Haven Pizzeria Napoletana, soft-opening next Monday!

Haven's actually got two 12' x 12', 100K-pounders, both custom designed to replicate those used over a hundred years ago in Italy, and anchoring an interior whose ceiling's made of tin, and whose bar top's made of marble pulled from Philly's Independence Hall, which was erected as a symbol of our county's freedom from the tyrannic definition of "hall" as the "that area between rooms". Reaching 2200 degrees, the coal-burning ovens use a sophisticated water filtration system which replicates, somehow, the reservoirs feeding the best pizzerias in the world, and was designed by an 82yr-old Italian bread-oven maker they had to pull out of retirement, which probably wasn't hard considering how doughy he must be. Fantastically, the pizza can trace itself back even further than the super ancient oven guy, as it employs dough made from a 300yr-old Italian yeast culture, which is used in options like a white spinach & mushroom number w/ mozzarella & grated cheese, and the Haven White Clam Pie w/ fresh bivalves & olive oil.

They're still finalizing the beer & wine list, but they'll for sure have five drafts (Peroni, Moretti, etc) and dozens of bottles ranging from Sangiovese to Trebbiano, which ironically, no one with a bun in their own oven will be able to enjoy.