Best of the Best

Like a blissfully unaware space-monkey, you're about to be shot into the deepest reaches of the Thrillist Universe with our monthly Best of the Best list.

Emailed to Los Angeles:Avoid This Job Started by an "under employed" Los Feliz marketing girl/writer, ATJ is a compendium of the worst job offerings on the Internet, culled from all corners of the web (but, honestly, mostly Craigslist), then categorized and called out via humorous commentary, like you during your surprise 7th Grade bday roast featuring Andrew Dice Clay. Has your profession of choice made the cut? Let's read on!

Emailed to Boston: Relwen Inspired by a "classic Midwest agrarian"/working man heritage, Relwen's new Fall collection of functional shirts, sweaters, denim, blazers, and jackets don a rugged outdoor aesthetic with a touch of military-influence using durable, high quality fabrics, clean finishes, and old world hand-stitching, like that doctor you saw in Bulgaria when you cut your chin. You can take this "farmer-chic" look from the barn to the ballroom!...then back to the barn, where you sleep

Emailed to Dallas: Harbenger Duo Handmade by a married couple in a Houston garage workshop, HarBenger's guiding M.O. was to merge clean Scandinavian furniture design with old-school style cues and building techniques; lately though, they've dropped the old school in order to tinker with styles inspired by Star Wars Episodes 4-6 (modeling furniture after 1-3 would Bink to high heaven). Finally, someone had the guts to combine mod furniture design with X-Wings

Emailed to San Francisco: GI Joe "The Battle" Tee This ltd edition tee comes in navy, and drops ill visual math with a handy pie chart that reminds G.I. Joe fans that knowing is exactly half The Battle. The chart also points out what you may not have known: the other half is comprised of "Red Lasers" and "Blue Lasers". Congratulations, that's The Battle. The third half is not-smoking cigarettes... and also, teen abstinence

Emailed to Las Vegas: Face the Ace Win your way onto NBC's new $1,000,000 poker challenge by qualifying for free in their 3-round online tourney, and you'll get to take a televised crack at pros like Gus Hansen, Erick Lindgren, Howard Lederer, and Phil Ivey -- whose collective genius will make this your most embarrassing ass-kicking since Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? This may be one of only several chances you'll have in your life to meet Erick Lindgren