Best of the Best

Like a naive Reese Witherspoon in Fear, you're about to be taken on a climactic rollercoaster ride through the greatest hits of Thrillist nation with our monthly Best of the Best.

Emailed to Chicago:Rappers That Suck Started in Chi by a couple of music industry folks captivated by the joy of terrible rap MySpace spam, RTS scours the Web (and reader submissions) for the assorted handiwork of hysterically awful rappers -- their cringeworthy flows, their delusions of grandeur, their poorly conceived video concepts -- bringing them all together in a virtual showcase of musical and lyrical horror. Dartmouth-educated Young Cons is dropping straight fire about the capital gains tax!!

Emailed to San Francisco: Shuriken Coasters These Oakland-made sets of deadly throwing stars-cum-coffee table protectors consist of nine unique shuriken shapes, and come in your choice of translucent black acrylic, red tint acrylic, or aluminum, which costs a lot more, but will be totally worth it for the bragging rights. Add to your deadly-ninja-arsenal of kitchenware

Emailed to Nation: The iTie Private Collection From the guy behind the Billy Mays-endorsed, iPod concealing iTie, this brand new, crazy-limited line features authentic Military badges sewn onto top-quality silk neckwear, each backed with a detailed history lesson on the respective insignia (strangely cool, given that the only thing you like less than history lessons is ties). Keeping your iPod in your pocket is for suckers!

Emailed to Los Angeles: I'm Having More Fun Than You Written by an LA-based standup comedian who just turned 30, this totally-not-defensive-at-all tome sets out to prove that marriage/coupledom is overrated, which it achieves in anecdotes about getting plastered at bars, hooking up with random girls, and telling female friends "I Love You" while your girlfriend is listening, which is just her fault for always trying to butt into your personal business especially since you have NOTHING TO HIDE IN YOUR PHONE, OKAY?! He's probably right, given that you're currently reading through your email

Emailed to Seattle: Rebel-Lion Tees Just launched by a Seattle designer, Lion's bright, bold and simple graphic steez is best exemplified by the day-glo-on-black "Funk Worms", "Clever Seagull" (self-satisfied bird perched atop treasure chest), and "Droppin' Beats", on which a bomber lets go of a payload of musical notes...Jesus H., haven't the B-52's done enough damage already? "Rebel-Lion" would be a badass fighter-pilot callsign, wouldn't it?