Best of the Best

Ignore the threat of razor blades and dive into these delicious, unwrapped "Best Of" goodies from across the Thrillist neighborhood

Emailed to Atlanta: Pimp My UltrasoundThis just-released, ATL-conceived iPhone app lets you turn any unborn child into the future of pimpin': tweak your fetus with slick frames, accessories (shades, martinis...), football helmets or hats you can easily resize and tilt/twist as you see fit, and even speech bubbles, so your baby can say funny things like "I got back", and "After seeing this, I'm confident that you're not going to mess me up psychologically".Start off his upbringing on the right foot, even though his right foot is still unformed, primordial goo

Emailed to Boston: Mean & WroughtenFrom the owner of a Portland, ME hair salon, who also happens to be an expert welder and used to build merchandising displays, M&W fabricates heavy-duty steel picture frames attached to brawny vintage and recycled metal objects like axes, pliers, pipes, pulleys, golf irons, and horseshoes, along with crafting a limited selection of sturdy steel/aluminum cribbage sets -- and, frankly, it don't get more manlier.Fill with photos of only your manliest friends...definitely don't put shots of Steve in there

Emailed to San Francisco: The Hundreds FootwearLA's The Hundreds (who hawk a full line o' 90s skate scene-inspired apparel) are droppin' their fourth season of clean and simple kicks, which stay true to the 2.5 styles they've used since the beginning, but're executed in sweet new materials and colors to keep the collection just fresh enough, assuming you refrigerate after opening.So fresh and so clean. Until you walk on them. But then still, so fresh!...

Emailed to Nation: Custom SkinsPut just about anything on just about anything (from cell phones, to MP3 players, to laptops) by creating a fully-custom, removable decal using this super-simple widget: just upload any photo, then use MS's tools to choose your size and position -- although if it's Fred Savage, there's no chance that'll be missionary, cause that dude's got moves.Kids these days'll customize anything, huh? Show some skin, here

Emailed to New York: Sedgwick and Cedar X Jamel ShabazzThe NY-based heritage hip-hop brand's just launched a collab with OG Brooklyn photographer Shabazz, who handpicked street shots from decades past to appear on the ltd ed line, including a crouching dude with short shorts, flat billed hat, and massive boom box; a trio of kids using a discarded mattress as a trampoline; and a subway car tagged "New York City: Where else could I get away with this sh*t", which a young Michael Fay mistook as a challenge. Woe upon the man who doesn't adorn his t's with images of a crouching dude in short shorts