The Crazy Brush of Dave MacDowell

They say pop culture rots your brain, but isn't rot just compost that new stuff can grow from, like, say, a Godfather-style Willy Wonka surrounded by a gang of oompa-loompa Al Pacinos wielding candy cane tommy guns? Well yes, as evidenced by Dave MacDowell

Hailing from the creative corners of Chesapeake, VA, D-Mac paints vibrant, acrylic on canvas, insanely over-the-top mash-ups of TV, music, and movie icons. Straight up masterpieces include the above-described "Oompacino", a crowned Biz Markie in "Nobody Beats the Biz", "The Enchanted Mental Hospital" (starring Jack Nicholson as all seven dwarfs and "Nurse Ratched" as Snow White), and "Jaws of Metal", with Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss rocking guitars as the great white devours a soulfully strumming Robert Shaw (we're gonna need a bigger amp?). More deviously, D-Mac also trippily twists serious works, as with "Pretty in Pink" (Molly Ringwald as Rockwell's "Girl at the Mirror"), "Breakfast Hawks" (the Breakfast Club gang moping at Hopper's diner), and "The Wrath of Varuca": Theodore Gericault's "The Raft Of The Medusa", with Varuca screaming on a Wonka-bar raft amidst dying Chocolate Factory denizens -- no cannibalism like in the original incident, but if there were, man would that be delicious.

D-Mac also offers selected work as prints, like the "The Deer Hunter" (Walken holding Bambi up to his head), the Cosby/Fat Albert/Beastie Boys "Hey Hey Hey Ladies", and "The Samuel Jackson 5" -- proving no matter how rotted MacDowell's brain is, m*therf***er still knows his ABC's.