Durkl Fall Line

Calling fresh work from an out-there artist "more restrained" can be a very relative statement -- Jim Carrey delivered a more restrained performance in The Truman Show simply by not delivering dialogue through his butt-cheeks. Only slightly turning down the volume with their fall line: Durkl.

With their new drop, DC's fearlessly loud streetwear kings claim they've actually mellowed out, but they've hardly gone Dockers with their collection of tees, flannels, and outerwear all hatched in their new Chinatown showroom, formerly a rundown taxi garage and suspected "dog fighting/crack house" (you knew that zone system lucre was going somewhere). The lineup includes their first-ever, super-stiff "West Side" chinos, lined in purple/plaid, and a slew of tees, e.g.: the "Script Logo" (brand name and futuristic founding date "2047"), the lightly speckled "Confetti" in aqua, and the pocketed, purple-checkered "Graph Math", so if there's ever a barroom argument about quadratic equations, you'll be there to lend a helping torso. Look-at-me-now outerwear includes the distinctive, black, red, or royal blue "Riggs Bomber", with a high collar, extended 4-inch bottom/sleeve ribbing, and plaid interior; and the slim-cut "Plains" hunting jacket, available with gray, aqua, or orange accents on camo, red, or charcoal, meaning you can stalk undetected through a forest, on Mars, or inside a grill.

Durkl's also dropping new hats like a snapback in orange/black or blue/gray, and a wilder, aqua/black/purple beanie, so loud, you can talk all you want, butt no one will hear a word you say.