Eastern Market's newest stop

Because multiple badass guys dubbed "Slim" have made it cool to be long and narrow, Boxcar Tavern's very name flaunts its railway-skinny structure, which the "grown-up" American den (from the group behind Molly Malone's, Lola's, and Senart's) fills out with mahogany and maple, an endless row of booths, and gas-lit lanterns.

Lest your physique mimic their layout, they'll have hearty, tavernly mains like a London broil meatloaf served w/ honey-glazed carrots and potato croquette, a filet w/ grilled onions/ haricot vert/ green peppercorn sauce, and, with root veggies/ mashed potatoes/ Cabernet demi glace, a wild boar stew -- unlike Disco Stu, it apparently does advertise, as you're reading it right now.

For cocktails, they'll be mixing goodness like the Perfect Smoking Jacket (w/ Scotch/ port/ vermouth/ blood orange bitters), and the Warm Winter Night, which's served in a mug, and concocted w/ Irish whiskey, lemon, hot water, and nutmeg syrup, so definitely don't drink this before playing soccer (note: actually applies to all cocktails).

And, if post-'tails, you'd like a beer, they've got 12 drafts like Abita Jockamo IPA, Southern Tier IPA, and Port City's Porter -- just use moderation, lest "slim" be used to describe the chances of you having a cool night.