<em>Fired Up!</em>

There are certain movies you're dying to watch, but, as a respected professional and cultured man-about-town, don't want anyone to see you watching. If, say, a movie featured hijinks involving cheerleaders, football players, skinny dipping, nude cheerleading (male and female, naturally with certain elements obscured by props), naughty older women, tender teen romance, inspiring moments of self-discovery, and mad carnality on the golf course, it might fall under that category. Well, man, the time to shamelessly watch that movie is now: Fired Up! is as available as a 42-year-old unmarried purebred dog breeder, on Comcast Video On-Demand. Rent this mother tonight. Watch it in the privacy of your own apartment. Then tomorrow at work tell everyone how awesome it was -- if they remain unconvinced, simply reenact choice scenes from the movie, naturally with certain elements obscured by props.