After a break-up, women are often left with little more than a bittersweet photo, a slightly used extra toothbrush, and, for those unfortunate enough to have dated Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag, the terrifying fear that they will never again have such mind-blowing sex. Left with the inspiration to start a clothing line, the woman behind Ex-Boyfriend.A humor-leaning collection of graphic tees and accessories, EX-BF was started by a DC-native newlywed couple, the female half of which had been fond of proudly galavanting about town in an "ex-boyfriend shirt" left behind by a former paramour too stupid to realize he'd been dating a future t-shirt millionaire. Fresh shirts are constantly being introduced, most recently the Castro-inspired "Viva La Centaur", with a bearded, fist-raising beast revolutionary; the 30-Rock riff "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah"; and "A Salt With A Deadly Weapon", depicting an angry salt dispenser clutching an M-16, shattering the myth that Shakers are against violence. Older wares are organized into collections like "Robots and Monsters" (e.g., the Nessy-repping "I'm Big in Scotland") and "Nerdcore", with one shirt spelling "Mega" in iconic blue Sega Genesis lettering, another simply stating "Future Dark Overlord", and, for the urban nerd, still another with a D&D die and the slogan "That's How I Roll".Almost all of the non-text based designs are also available as 100% cotton canvas messenger bags, with magnetic straps and compartmentalized interior pockets, perfect for managing your laptop, periodicals, papers, and...Budget. Oh, god, Peter Orszag, why?