Final Score

Collage is typically either a deft musing on the interplay between painting and sculpture, or The Ultimate JV Cheerleaders/Jonas Brothers Megamashup Poster! Making a third type for guys like you, Final Score.

The off-season product of a Mountain State U. basketball broadcaster, Score crafts limited-run, intricately detailed images from hundreds of hand-selected smaller photos, a project that's collected random but elegant endorsements from both 'Skins tight-end Chris Cooley ("Wow, great picture, fast shipping") and skin-wearing Chainsaw Massacre star "Leatherface" ("I love it, this pic is sick!"). Subject matter includes sports (a pensive John Riggins made up of hundreds of scenes from the 'Skins 1982 playoff run); music (AC/DC's Angus Young, using hard-rocking album covers from the Crue to The Nuge); and movies, like a horse-photoed John Wayne, or an eyebrow-raised Eddie Murphy, made up of 576 Coming to America stills, including a subpoena-waving Art Buchwald. Send them a photo (of yourself or not-yourself), and Score will also whip up a custom poster using image collections ranging from KISS, to Chryslers, to "turn-of-the-century African Americans", to Harry Potter, sure to impress all your imaginary ladies.

In addition to posters, Score offers a random assortment of other kitsch, like speedometer-inlaid poker chips, a "Bigfoot Sighting!" illustrated wall-clock, and a Twilight Zone lunchbox, a deft musing on the interplay between remembrance of school lunch, and acknowledgment that you still can't score with cheerleaders.