Had Matter

When you walk in to your pad, just dumping your pockets onto the counter can lead to chaos -- what happens when the delivery guy comes and you can't find your wallet, or a Blues Traveler song comes on and you can't find your mouth-harp!?! Or gun!?! Stylishly keep everything in its place, with Had Matter.

From a DC-based, former customer service worker, Matter lives to custom-service you with handmade, wall-hanging junk-organizers, all handsomely cobbled together from recycled materials, just like Bruce Jenner. Categories of utilitarian kitsch include "Keyholders with Clocks and Shelves", with specific designs like "Motorama" (chrome base, picture of old-timey car show), and the giant red rooster'd "Wake Up Call"; plus clock-less shelf/keyholders like "Heavy Load" (w/ pic of a man trying to shove an alligator into his trunk), and a brass-rimmed piece with a jazzy trumpet-player called "Be Bop", sadly unaccompanied by Rocksteady. For a convenient place to let eviction notices pile up, there are also keyholders with mail pockets, which can be made-to-order out of license plates from your state of choice, or, from your own, mailed-in vanity plate, which'll serve as a constant reminder of why you can't pay the rent, BG-SPENDR.

Brand new from Matter are a series of bizarrely fascinating, insect-inspired sculptures made from household objects like spatula wings and soup-strainer eyes, great conversation pieces to stave off that awkward silence when the delivery guy turns out to be John Popper.