Holy Brew

Confessions can be cathartic, but delivering one takes rare courage: some people might not understand why you murdered that vagrant, and your roommate would be furious if he knew you used his toothbrush that one time, Jujyfruits be damned. Now, one local brewery wants to help you unburden yourself: Holy Brew.

From four former tech-industry buddies from Leesburg, Holy's a just-opening, heaven/hell-themed microbrewery on a mission to promote "liquid confessionals" among friends and colleagues, an idea that came to them after noticing that their tech clients only got "real" after a good saucing (you'd have to be wasted to openly admit you once thought GTK+ would replace FLTK as the standard cross platform widget toolkit!). Doing the tongue-loosening: "Heavenly Light" (brewed with 6-row barley and hops from the Pac-Northwest; delivers a "malty sweet background" with a "crisp, flavorful tone"); and "Purgatory Pilsner", a high-gravity lager "accented with a low hop aroma" and infused with a "slight bitterness to round out the presentation" -- like a recovered alcoholic forced to give a responsibility pep-talk to college freshmen. In the coming weeks, they'll roll out a to-be-named pale ale, fermented with a proprietary yeast strain and Munich-style hops, with kettle hopping derived from American Cascade & Centennial hops, and a "medium body and crisp, grainy character" produced by 10 days of post-fermentation "dry-hopping", which can lead to brew-balls.

Just now arriving in a spattering of area liquor stores, Holy's grand coming out party will be at this Thursday's Brew at the Zoo -- where they also sell Jujyfruits, and hey, Paul's out of town...