Opentable is ingenious: the ease of making reservations encourages increased face-stuffing, which in turn makes locking down reservations even easier, as even ritzy spots can do a table for one on short notice. To clean yourself up with similar ease: Zazuba

Just now populated with vendors, Zazuba's a free, District-based, one-click reservation booking site bulging with grooming/totally random service providers, available appointments for which are searchable via location/time/price range, and once booked, synch-able to your Google or Yahoo calendar -- though if you're using the latter, it might conflict with your appointment to "learn about Internet". Though expanding, most of their current offerings're all about making you look/feel better, with categorized vendors running from stylistz barbers like U Street's XYZ, to cosmetic dentistry, to eye care like frame styling or contact lens fitting; and body-wellness like personal training, massage, and back-crackers like Dupont Chiropractic, where they "specialize in quick relief and lasting adjustment", perhaps breaking your addiction to quick relief. Totally random-though-useful vendors include third party mediation, real estate agents, and even pet care ranging from teeth brushing, to ear cleaning, to "Little Rascals Boarding" -- a Clockwork Orange-like forced viewing used to break suspects that water boarding can't

For the less-than-super-manly, they've also got some daintier services like all sorts of hair removal, and skin care treatments such as moisturizing and "scrub" -- also what you call a guy eating alone...whose telephone res didn't earn him 1000 points