A chill place to sit

Whether they're curious about the light, trying to stay cool in the summer, or just turned on by pudgy, gap-toothed defensive tackles, people are always trying to get inside the fridge. Now you can fit in there comfortably, with Fridgecouch.

Exactly what it sounds like, FC seamlessly blends '80s Euro car seats and gleaming '80s refrigerators into works of furnit-art, the notion of a Boston architectural designer who formerly ripped it up on the Canadian national snowboard team, meaning dude's got loonie style. Designs start in the auto scrapyard, where the hunt's on for older (mainly German) cars with intact rear leather seats, followed by junkyard-searching for iceboxes; everything's stripped, fit together, and finished with sleek touches like wood trim, shelves, and the occasional sound system, presumably to drown out your girlfriend asking why you just dropped multiple G's on a Fridgecouch. Killer models include the "325e Frost Clear", an avocado green Gibson Frost Clear fridge with BMW 325e cherry red seats, mahogany shelves, and a fold out side table/freezer door; the "735i Dual Temp", a navy blue 1984 7-series leather bench worked into an electric orange 1983 Admiral Dual Temp with pecan oak trim and adjustable metal side racks; and the black leather "535i No Frost" with dark walnut oak shelving, a fold down armrest, and an iPod-compatible blaster, all on an '88 535i Beamer joined w/ a harvest gold 1980 GE No Frost: a name so boring, you'll wonder if GE's imagination took the '80s off from work.

They're also happy to talk about a made-to-order joint, and're currently working on a 4th generation couch that will be simpler and lighter -- though getting these monsters to drop any weight'll be a Bears of a job.