Kids rarely got exactly what they wanted for the holidays -- just take everyone who got a Speak & Spell they'd clearly never use -- WFT, mom? Thankfully, the Internet can now change all that, with WantsThis

Launched just in time for Black Friday by two dudes frustrated by the complexity of other similar sites, WantsThis lets you surf the entire net for junk you want (as opposed to managing multiple Amazon-esque site lists), and then kick out one tidy, easy wish-list to friends, family, and that Make a Wish Foundation, even though they never got back to you last Christmas. Just create a profile and it's hunting time, as you grow your list by cutting/copying the links to pages where your items are sold, or make things even easier by installing their add-on into your browser, which'll allow you to tap items with the single click of a button, though not a "That was Easy" button, as then you'd be too busy uproariously laughing to shop. Virtually compiled, your list can be pushed out via Facebook, Twitter, or email; or, get your gifters/giftees to sign up and connect directly on the site, which'll send you an email when one updates his/her list, and when any item on your list becomes cheaper, unless of course your whole list is already Cheaper by the Dozen, in which case...excellent taste

For those unable to independently find possessions to covet, Wants' homepage has idea-sparking columns for items "recently added" and "most popular", which inviting friends over to Speak & Spell was never going to make you, so why even bawther?