The best thing since coconut bikinis

Washington DC

The best thing since coconut bikinis
The best thing since coconut bikinis


While ethnically diverse, The District doesn't generally see much from Hawaii, unless you're talking about the ‘80s, when it was basically nothing but Five-O. Now hawking the best of Hawaii (that doesn't involve Scott Caan's witticisms -- he's so sharp!): Hula Girl.

Tricked out right by an Oahu native, Hula Girl's primed to lei out island edibles from an aqua cruiser outfitted with '50s-station-wagon-y wood paneling, a silhouetted dancing girl mural, and a flatscreen blasting vintage surf films so full of aloha, only an a-hola wouldn't stop to watch. Everything's made to order: just pick your choice of grilled teriyaki skirt steak, chicken breast, or tofu, and then have them toss it in a crisp Asian salad, a banh mi-style sandwich w/ spicy soy mayo and pickled-daikon slaw, or a lunch plate with two scoops of rice and one of "mac salad": irresistible to women due to its confident pick-up lines, and being salad. If things still feel too mainland-y, they've got edamame tossed in Hawaiian sea salt, and "Spam Musubi" consisting of nori stuffed with rice and grilled, teriyaki-glazed, actual Hormel Spam, which just like regular spam, promises to make a part of your body way bigger.

Because Hawaiians party, there's also the “Nutty Buddy”: toasted coconut soft-serve dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in macadamia nuts, meaning just like DC in the '80s, the one time will never be enough.

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