Addicts will do anything to get their fix: sell their bodies, rob drugstores, even brazenly smash open Lay's vending machines, because they really, really can't eat just one. Feeding their jones for finely tailored British shirting: Ledbury.Operating out of a renovated Richmond tobacco warehouse, Ledbury was conceived during school-abroad at Oxford, where the founders acquired "a healthy addiction for the tailoring of Savile Row and the shirting of Jermyn Street"; to bring that perfect-fitting style Stateside, they spent a year crashing on friends' couches, all the while sweating British tailors for their secrets -- presumably with promises of lascivious acts, like "going back to America and never bothering you again". All shirts feature mother of pearl buttons and a lowered second button (not "too high or too low") for non-tie days; relaxed styles include a casual, micro-check number w/ a button-down collar (in blue, pink, or purple), and work shirts ranging from the 2-fold cotton poplin "Blue Gingham Worker", to the 2-fold fine twill "Red Windowpane Worker", appropriate to wear while cleaning the smears of duped birds off your impeccably Windex'd glass. Things get serious with dress shirts like a thin-stripe blue joint with a white Watson collar; the "Royal Oxford", which weaves together dyed and un-dyed threads; and the striped "Blue Bangal", with an "Anglo American" collar "providing the ideal spread"...or so this country's Eurocentric textbooks would have you believe!For the man who's been dutifully monitoring his crumpet intake, they've also got most of their styles available as slim-fits -- just make sure your belly qualifies, because when it comes to buttons: once you pop, you just can't stop.