Mann Made Cufflinks

French cuffs can convey a range of things, like dignity, standing, or the fact that you're being detained by Parisian police for standing too near someone with dignity. Now, they can show off your awesomely irreverent humor, thanks to Mann Made Cufflinks

Based in the sleeve-y underbelly of Capitol Hill, Mann Made's the work of 20+ year mewelery-maker Jimmy Mann, who insets a variety of (mostly-lowbrow) objects into his handmade 'links, and openly admits on his website that he spends his free time "on long walks with his dog Peanut", so basically, this dude knows how to party. Hooch-happy styles include his "Beer Bottle Cap Line", which features tops from brands raging from imports, to go-to domestics, to what people who listen to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah drink out of cans, as well as the more refined (and curiously cheaper) Cocktail Olive links, made from scratch by sand-blasting resin, but only when he runs out of the real stuff and is fiending hard. There's also non-boozy, image-heavy jobs with mostly-vintage pics featuring stuff like R2D2/C3PO, a stern-faced Elvis, Metropolis's Maria the Robot, and a pouting Marilyn Monroe from "Some Like It Hot", a title decided on after scrapping the more realistic "All Like it Hot, But Some Settle for a Decent Personality Because They're So Very Alone"

Mann's also got schloads of bright but less-pictorial pieces, like a trippy, layered aluminum "3D" design, and a checkered flag/80's Vans pattern dubbed "Fast Times' -- which you can impress all the other prisoners with while spending the night in le jail.