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Point Well Made

Once the bottle's open, it's tough to find a reason not to just kill it, especially since you got beaten out for Celebrity Rehab by Seth "Shifty" Binzer from Crazytown, who once sang "Butterfly", but whose life's now gone to pupa. Perhaps a rad bottle stop would give you that reason, from Point Well Made.Out of the bastion of restraint, Hanover, VA, Point hand-lathes one-of-a-kind bottle stops from a range of natural and homemade materials, all carefully cobbled by a loving couple widely considered the Jay-Z/Beyonce of the rural Virginian craft fair world. Wooden stoppers are hand-polished, chrome-pointed, cut from trees foreign (Cocobolo, Bubinga), and domestic (Cedar, Virginia White Dogwood), and come in a variety of clean shapes, as well as a lighthouse series, with painted replicas of real structures including North Carolina's Bodie Island, and Virginia's Smith Point Light, which provides its beacon only to ships on the guest list named "Tripp" and "Brent". Other stoppers are made from handcrafted resins, combined with semi-precious stones (turquoise, red jasper, white marble, green malachite), which can be embedded with small keepsakes, like the just-made series featuring emblems from the different military branches; Point will also custom-resin your mementos, like fishing flies and golf balls, a fine way to stay relatively José Marí­a Ola-sober.Because it's not all about booze, Point makes a slew of other kitsch, like wooden shaving brushes and pepper mills, and pens cut from white tail deer antlers and horns from Indian River buffalo -- who were presumably ensnared by entreaties of "Come my lady, come my lady..."

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