Raygun Robyn

All little kids are fixated on monsters and robots, but most eventually realize that humans are the real monsters, and Skynet'll never become self-aware...or so this computer-generated sim-reality would have us believe! Making childish fixations stylish: Raygun Robyn.Using secretive techniques and materials "acquired" while "working" at a 3-D model shop, Baltimore-based Robyn is a graphic designer, serial entrepreneur, and admitted World of Warcraft player, who takes time out from pwning Night Elves to crank out silk-screened gear featuring all sorts of things that go bump in the night...unlike WoW players...ever. Her distinctive, brown/red, bleach-splotted t-shirt designs include the Sasquatch-outlined "Bigfoot", the slithering "Tentacles", and the 1930s, city-stomping automaton "Robot Smash", who was apparently too busy destroying stuff to think of a catch phrase not already dibs'd by Hulk. Similarly sweet blotchiness can be seen on 16'' x 11.5'' messenger bags (all w/ magnetic straps, zippered interior/exterior pockets, and adjustable shoulder straps w/ antique brass clasps) like the mushroom-clouded "Atomic Bomb Blast", and the brand new, undead-silhouetted "Zombies", who'd cease craving your brains if they could see the half-dozen tattered poker magazines stored inside.Just released is a coolly menacing giant-squid hoodie, bleached red, and with appendages (your arms, its tentacles) set in black contrast -- sure to keep you warm even as your real body's heat is used to power an industrial turbo-fan in the year 2054.