There's nothing more useless than a watch that no longer tells time, unless you're James Bond and it doubles as a detonator, or you're Flo Rida and it doubles as your dining room chandelier. Putting defunct timepieces to work for the rest of us: Relojearte.From a family of DC-based Spanish transplants, Relojearte tinkers intricately detailed, black-framed mini-sculptures made entirely of the tiny mechanical pieces from old, broken watches, a unique craft handed down by the wife's father, far preferable to the normal in-law gift: tireless judgment. Holy-crap-will-you-look-at-that designs start with "vehicles": like a Ford Model T, a gear-filled Mayflower, a circa 2000 Harley, and a 747, inspiring you to joke with party guests that "time flies", thereby inspiring those guests to find another party. For the musically inclined -- and for those who like flutes -- they also specialize in all sorts of instruments, from horns/wind instruments, to a classical guitar, to a minimalist drum kit, to a double bass, sure to impress Barenaked Ladies fans (but not the real Barenaked Ladies fans, they are tools).For those with more particular needs, they're also more than happy to crank out commissioned pieces, from architectural landmarks to sporting equipment -- so even though they don't technically work, your re-purposed watch guts will indicate that you were an athlete a very long time ago.