Rick Singleton Lighting

Some people are always trying to "show you the light", but that's probably just 'cause they want to obscure the crappy lamp from which it's emanating. Blind guests with your awesomeness instead, with lighting from Rick Singleton

The chandelier-smith behind the sweet ones adorning ChurchKey and Rustico, Singleton crafts awesomely unique decorative lighting fixtures out of everything from machine parts to antique toys, priding himself on his ability to "marry unrelated objects", something West Virginian ministers are just itching to try out. Free-standers include "Eli the Steambot" made from an old Vietnam mess kit/a 1970s atomizer/an old toy traffic light, the "Magnum Desk Lamp" constructed from the aluminum motor of a vintage model airplane and a steel Thermos, and the satellite-inspired "Sputnik Floor Lamp" with twelve tubular, dimming bulbs connected to a chrome orb to create a "starburst design", as apparently Jolly Ranchers are tacky. He's also got killer sconces (which according to Wikipedia, are light fixtures attached to walls), like the brass-accented, distressed "Reclaimed Mirror", the v-shaped "Industrial Transistor" made from a vintage RCA radio, and an awesome one with the bulb/shade coming out of a vintage aluminum powerdrill, which according to Wikipedia, is something people who perform manual labor use

Rick's also more than down to chat about doing a custom commission out of...whatever you want, like one he just made entirely from an Erector set, though having one of those things is something most people want to keep in the dark.