Normally, finding your teenage son entrenched in lengthy discussion with an older Thai gentleman found on Craigslist would be disconcerting; shouldn't it at least be an older Thai woman?! But if he were actually starting a gear & design company, that'd be cool: Sharpshirter.

Now just out of college, Sharp's Bethesda-based founder laid the foundations for a tee, hoodie, and laptop/iPhone/Blackberry skins operation at just 17, basically by scouring the internet for talented designers from places as diverse as Thailand, Australia, Romania, Sweden, Canada, Nicaragua, and India -- none of whom presumably realized that laboring for a 17-year-old was Risky Business. The skins are the latest, and range from "Hunter", a splotchy outline of Dr. Gonzo, to "Eleanor Rigby", a girl's portrait with a Google map image seamlessly woven into her hair, to "Flowers", featuring a petal-picking young girl dangerously unaware of the tentacled monster inching her way, preparing to offer her a Zima. New gear includes tees like "Hydra Killa" (multi-headed beast surrounding a katana'd woman) and the shotgun-wielding pachyderm'd "Rhino Hunter", plus a hoodie with stylized electric towers dubbed "Powerlines" (for the look of a man who "will attack, and you don't want that").

Old standbys are also still available, including the brand's watershed design, "Haymaker", depicting a Paul Bunyan type rocking a bear in the face -- much less alarming than discovering your son chat-rooming with one.