Internet time-wasting is usually only rewarded with bloodshot eyes, arthritic fingers, and the discouraging realization that a squirrel can water-ski better than you. Now, earn sweet swag for slagging off, with Shuffletime.

Just hatched by a pair of Logan Circle start-up junkies, Shuffle "creates a game out of the Internet" by awarding prizes for skillfully watching/reading/playing various vids/articles/games you were almost certainly going to kill the morning/afternoon/Depression Hours with anyway. To start the path towards points, play a randomly shuffled "card" embedded with a piece of net-formation, i.e., an article on the world's smallest animals (tiniest horse = 17" tall!), a "balls in the face" gallery of sports stars getting beamed, or "Serbian Gypsy Beatbox Video": an attention-grabbing, mesmerizing feat of acoustic rhythm that -- hey! where'd your wallet go?! You then get around 2 minutes to answer an easy question about the card's content ("who gets punched in the face first -- male or female?"); timely correct answers snag glorious e-coinage, while answering incorrectly/missing the buzzer basically means you can't even pay attention at work when you're not paying attention at work.

Beyond placement on an illustrious leader board, the coins secure raffle tickets good for future giveaways, including electronics from iPods/Touches to a remote-controlled helicopter -- so, something else you'll be less skilled at operating than that damned squirrel.