Status Flow

Lacrosse gives us so much to enjoy: from watching guys named "Tripp" and "Brent" crush each other at homecoming, to watching guys named "Tripp" and "Brent" crush freshmen in the Chi Psi basement. Unthinkable though it may be, now lacrosse is giving us something even better: Status Flow.

Just dropping their new Fall line, Flow's the bull-dodging brainchild of two Baltimorian laxers seeking to reconcile the oft-contradictory "lacrosse style" by stealing notions from both the East coast prepster and the West-coast surfer, like some confused Midwestern kid at boarding school. Breezier items include tees like the green-logo'd "Classic Creme" and the "Old Line State" with an outline of Maryland; long-sleeve, top-button henleys represent with the white logo'd "Houndstooth" and the brown "Fleur-de-Flow" with red/yellow fleur-de-lis cascading down the left shoulder, leaving the right open for your sling, 'cause you done broke your collar bone! Warmer gear includes the gray-with-checked logo "Signature Full Zip Hoodie"; a slew of long-sleeve thermals available in gray with green logos or "midnight black" with red/gray logos; and the extremely soft "Black Micro Rib Thermal", designed for your micro pleasure.

They've also got some sweet, still-available tees from last spring's drop, including the floating patterned "New Argyle" in blue or burgundy, and the "McSwagger" in canary, crimson, or teal -- a color so bright, people will look at you and think you're a total Tripp.