Win The Trophy

Most guys are convinced they could pick winners better than a greased-up Matt McConaughey in Two for the Money -- but unless they're 100% certain, they still won't bet heavily, lest they end up as broke as the producer of Two for the Money. Find out just where you stand, at Win The Trophy.

Outta DC, WTT is a free betting simulator that lets you wager fake cash on real games (the four major pros + NCAA football/hoops) using odds determined from an across-sportsbook consensus, then compare yourself to other wannabe degenerate-savants across a broad range of categories. How it works: players are handed $1000 in chips each week, to lay down on moneylines, spreads, over/unders, moneyline parlays, and spread + over/under parlays; your "Bet IQ" (chips won/lost divided by total bets placed) determines your movement up or down the "Genius Ladder", although there is a per-bet cap -- preventing you from ruining the fun by wagering all 1000 on the Nats to lose. The Ladder itself is subdivided into 80+ categories, from "Overall" to "MLB Over/Under" to "NHL Eastern Conference, Northeast Division"; if your bet IQ in any category's in the top 1%, you're assigned "Genius" status, earning you "recognition from your peers as one of the top sports betters in the world" (how you like me now, MENSA?).

Eventually, WTT hopes to sell their Geniuses' picks to real bettors, then divide 40% of the proceeds among said Geniuses -- enough for a gym membership, so people can point at you and say, "He's a machine, all he does is work out and pick winners".