The Hollywood Hyatt gets a $40mil resurrection

With once-huge celebrities, drifting into obscurity only sets the stage for triumphant comebacks: for proof, check out Mickey Rourke (thanks, The Wrestler!), or Rodney King (thanks, being addicted to drugs!). For a hotel intent on regaining its fame, check out Andaz

'Daz is a $40mil overhaul of the Hollywood Hyatt, which gained fame as the "Riot House" thanks to the debauchery of Robert Plant, Jim Morrison, and Axl Rose, only to become known as "that hotel across from House Of Blues" during the era when Creed were considered rock stars. Aiding the classy resurrection

The Lobby: Free-WiFi'd and open to the public, with dangling, bulbous glass chandeliers, suede lounge chairs, leather couches, and books on local icons from Cary Grant to Frank Zappa (table space nuzzling the star of Only Angels Have Wings with the composer of "Titties 'n Beer")

The Rooms: Standard amenities (flatscreens, stark workdesks) plus minibars w/ unlimited free mixers, guitar murals, and glassed-in "sundecks" replacing the Riot House's notorious open-air balconies -- doubling the fun of launching a TV onto the sidewalk

The Restaurant: Named "RH" and helmed by an ex-Guy Savoy chef, it'll serve rotating seasonal items cooked up in a massive exposition kitchen with windowed walk-in fridges, so you can marvel at the succulence of the ingredients/the chef's nipples

Andaz also boasts a daybedded rooftop pool overlooking the city, and'll soon announce a series of free shows from local artists and musicians -- hopefully not setting the stage for you one day saying "Thanks, Scott Stapp!".