McGregor Clothing

Boston sees itself as a complex network of fiercely independent ethnic and sectarian neighborhoods, tied together by storied American history -- but that only begs the question, "How do the Dutch see us?". Find the answer at McGregor Clothing. Originally a conservative 1920s American outfit, McG slings "preppy-chic meets sports" gear that's been reinvented in Holland and popularized throughout Europe; they say they chose to open their first US store in "Boston, New England" because their fall line's chief inspiration's "Boston, New England". Sub-themes include "Sportswear" (polos, V-neck merino wool sweaters, 50s cardigans, and rugged block-stripe rugby shirts), and "Casual"-- chocolate-brown woolen cardigans, caban coats, leather jackets, and hunting jackets that give off a certain "Tabor guy on Outward Bound" vibe. There's also the super-classy "Distinction" line, which includes custom-cut wool and mohair suits, quilted blazers, and cashmere pullovers, along with "chic, thin ties" that scream "Why won't you call me back, Guy Ritchie?"As Fall moves into Winter, McG plans on ushering in the "Alaska" line, featuring high-tech cold gear like bright red anoraks, bodywarmers, rugged fisherman's rib sweaters, and washed canvas army pants -- so no matter what Alaska thinks of itself, the Dutch feel their pants need cleaning.