Who Is That Hot Ad Girl?

Television commercials raise so many questions, most prominently, "where the hell is my DVR remote?" Answering the second most-asked query: Who Is That Hot Ad Girl?Hot Ad Girl's a blog dedicated to one thing: tracking down frustratingly not-easily Google-Imageable sirens hired to sell you cellphones/car insurance/Skechers Shape-Ups, and providing an embedded copy of the commercial along with info on their lives and work, so you can totally perv out really get to know them as people and professionals. Ladies run from "Kiki", who Keith Stone smoothly rescues from a tree (who is "going to be in Final Destination 5 where she will die a horrible death"), to the "hot psycho stalker girl in those Virgin Mobile ads", who most recently played a powerful demon on "Supernatural", presumably a TV series where Robert Redford is an aging baseball slugger you call when your heat isn't working quite right. There's also the State Farm chick who's totally excited by a Bob Barker appearance (and has done Honda and McDonald's commercials!), and even a Kim Kardashian look-alike who sings and gets dental work performed on her by weirdos in Old Navy's Super C-U-T-E commercial, who it turns out is a Canadian pop singer that once tried out for the Pussycat Dolls, but got shot down -- nice try, Canadia!If you've got a lovely ad-lass you've been eyeing but can't find a damn Friendster page for, just hit up Hot Ad Girl with a video of the spot, and they claim "we'll do our best to find out who it is" -- a tempting offer, considering that since you inadvertently watched enough commercials to find a worthy babe, you've really gotta get back to Cake Boss.