Green gear in Wicker Park

When something you once fiercely believed in returns, you drop everything to help it succeed, like if Jesus came back, or The Fast and the Furious was like, hey, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, what up, dudes? Facilitating a resurrection in gear: Connect

Sporting enviro-friendly materials (planks from a 200-yr-old barn, reclaimed skate decks), Connect's a "sustainable retail and conscious event space" co-founded by a former acolyte of the once-defunct Nau -- who, hearing the eco-gear pioneer was making a comeback, enlisted his store as one of two re-rollout locations. Making up 75% of Connect's stock, Nau plays out in organic cotton/spandex blended chinos and cargos; woven organic cotton buttondown work shirts w/ elbow patches; and outerwear ranging from the tri-layered, big-collared, recycled poly "Modus" trench, to a wind/water resistant, recycled poly zip-up track jacket dubbed "The Acoustic" (apparently, really rocking enslaves us to foreign oil). Connect's also stocking select gear from like-minded companies: outdoorsy activewear from Horny Toad and Holden, organic cotton & bamboo leisurewear from Satori, and man bags from Noon Solar like the "Logan", with an exterior solar panel that can charge your cell (you'll be pumped when it fully juices it...in June)

To keep its carbon footprint down, Connect's offering 10% discounts on in-store purchases, if you agree to have those items delivered via bike messenger to your Chicago abode, the idea being most people come in to try things on, then order online later, necessitating carbon-unfriendly UPS. So basically, this sequel is not Fast & Furious, but Slow & Principled.