Food & Drink


Blowing cash on alcohol you'll only end up peeing out can rack you with guilt, but getting things for free can also rack you...with joy! Booze with a clear conscience, at Crocodile

Decked out in Dundee-esque finery (green & black faux croc banquettes, croc murals, textured green wall foliage renderings), the Croc's a Chi offshoot hellbent on continuing the irresponsible policy that made the original NYC institution famous: giving away free mini pizzas. The Deal: for every $5 you spend on alcohol, you get one pizza, whether you hit the eight gleaming taps (Blue Moon, Guinness, Hacker-Pschorr, Magic Hat, etc), or specialty drinks like the house-made "Red Rocks" sangria and an apricot-infused Jack mint julep dubbed "Midnight Rambler" (but you've already heard about the Midnight Rambler). If your religion mandates you pay for food, there are upgraded pizzas like the "Blue Ribbon" (chicken cutlet, ham, ricotta, mozz) and the "Buffalo Soldier" (chicken, hot sauce, mozz, crumbled blue cheese), plus paninis ranging from "The Matador" (Serrano ham & Manchego) to the mozz-parm-cheddar loaded "Three Of A Kind", putting you perilously close to a royal flush

Forthcoming plans include DJs in the couch-strewn downstairs lounge, and a Sat & Sun brunch with hangover pizzas like the "Olivia" (poached egg, ham, onions, mozz, red sauce) and a scrambled egg/bacon/spinach/tomato number called "The Breakfast Club" -- which'll bulk you up to where you can rack yourself with both guilt and joy, by applying lipstick with your man-boobs.