Forero Cuffs

They say one man's trash is another man's treasure, but turning that trash into treasure usually takes rare craftsmanship -- if it didn't, dumpster diving would become the new racquetball. For accomplished scavenged booty, grab Forero cuffs

From a Naperville sculptor-turned-mewelry-maker, Forero hits everything from salvage yards to neighbors' garbage cans in search of scrap aluminum to cut, bend, hammer, and drill into one-of-a-kind wrist wrappers. Pieces are further detailed by pounding them with random keys from found typewriters, while trips to The Salvation Army, Goodwill, and garage sales yield additional materials like tennis racket grips and leather from belts, shoes, and hockey & baseball gloves thrown out after years of wear and tear, or mere moments of epic humiliation. Finished pieces include the double-twisted leather "Bogart", the all-aluminum, riveted "Relica", and two imposing, black-leather Harley-esque jobs: the "Chopper Chop Chop", and the hole-riddled "Not Your Mama's Polka Dots" (what a relief to have that cleared up)

To mark their participation starting today at the Merchandise Mart's "One Of a Kind Show", Forero's rolling out about a dozen brand new designs, including an unnamed aluminum-only number sporting five protruding 1-inch cylinders -- careful during racquetball, or an errant back-swing could really mess up another man's treasure.