Ugly sweaters, ugly everything in the LBC

Adulthood's all about growing to love the stuff you used to hate, from brussels sprouts, to nap time, to baths. Add ugly ass sweaters to that list, from BaadSheep.Based in the LBC, Baad's an e-tailer specializing in the heinously over-designed sweaters you used to get for Christmas from Grandma, or full-body-underwear'd Mormon girlfriends. The cuddly freak show is divided into two categories, with each piece receiving an aptly horrid name: Festive (e.g., the white-and-red stocking "Rock Your Socks Off"; the pumpkin/witch/owl-stitched "Happy Hooterween" sweatervest) and Fugly, showcasing such gems as "Glory Hole" (tartan-clad golfer possibly spying something in hole besides ball), and "Ribbed For No One's Pleasure," a hodgepodge of yellow, blue, and red flowers, distorted by a textured fabric so offensive, you'll never use a condom again. For more magic, check out "Out To Pasture", which is either a mind-numbing gallery of already-sold pieces, or the Hollywood Park bingo room's "Sweater Check" closet. Though co-ed by nature, each sweater's labeled with who it'd look best on, whether it's "chicks", "dudes", "everyone", or "no one". Wear yours (or any ugly sweater) to Baad's party this Thursday at The Gaslamp, and beer's only $3 -- giving you the liquid courage to approach another childhood hatred-turned-love, girls.