Everyone knows there are two preeminent sources of knowledge concerning the fine art of sweater knitting: grandmothers and Colombia, and we're all out of grandmothers. Drinking from the Colombian well, Bolivares.From a BK-based designer who traveled to Colombia to sponge under the tutelage of master knit-makers, Bolivares is a made-to-order collection of classically understated torso swaddlings intended for "self-made individuals who consistently pursue [their] own destiny", provided that destiny leads them somewhere chilly. Crafted by hand in Peru, button-ups include a classic square-knit, v-neck cardigan w/ square hip pockets, made from 100% cotton and avail in black and army green; an all-cotton diagonal-stitched hoodie w/ large piping down the arms in baby blue or gray; and a lapel'd piece made from an alpaca/wool/acrylic blend sporting a thick diamond weave, in navy, hunter green, or no-longer-do-it-yourself mustard. Meanwhile, zip-ups include a ribbed-popped-collar alpaca joint with three horizontal stripes across the chest and sleeves, in dark brown w/ white & beige stripes, or in white with light and dark blue stripes; and a gray & brown wool/alpaca hoodie with Meso-American designs including a wing-spreading phoenix above twin waist-wrapping anacondas, protecting you from weather cold enough to make Ice Cubes.An e-store's in the works for next season, but for now you'll need to email the designer your pertinent size & style info, plus arrange payment, which for sweaters is usually either money or hugs, and you're all out of hugs.